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What does a writer promote? A writer promotes smiles, laughter, and heartfelt thoughts. I hope you enjoy what you read on my tumblr, and that I can help you smile. Forget about the fact that I might be a stranger, and that you might not really know me; focus only on the fact that I am here and I love helping to give others smiles.

I'm very into arts and crafts in addition to writing, so every once in awhile, I will post up some of my creations. Otherwise, you will see mostly reblogs of posts I find funny or interesting on this tumblr whenever there isn't an original for me to show you.

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What Occurs In Silence

The luscious skies
bled onto the earth,
pouring clear droplets
of themselves
throughout the land.

The skies may
have been dying,
but the earthbound
ones will never
They only see
(we only see)

Perhaps the skies
had too much
of their own essence;
to be rid of some
would be healthy.

But what if the skies
were abused
by the clouds
that began white and benevolent
only to turn gray and vicious?

No one sees the change.
No person, at least—
Only the skies
who knew nothing
of what to do,
and the clouds
who continued their
silent attacks.

But, perhaps, the skies
are saved by the sun.
When the sun is seen,
the gray clouds
turn white,
and even if not always,
rain ceases to exist.

The skies are beautiful,
but they hold no
voice of their own.
They cannot save themselves
from the grasps
of the clouds
who constantly suffocate
patiently waiting
for the moment
when the skies will fall
to earth,
and definitely disappear.

If earth had no vision
of the skies
to see,
would their blindness
become sight?
Would earth
finally learn
the ways of how to
and try to protect
the new skies
to come,
when rain pours down
and the clouds
become gray?

—c; March 17th, 2013 [Zhuo, Huimin]

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